About Us

PVC Tube Online is located only a few miles from Stansted Airport, Essex. The original company was founded in 2006.  Following on from many years of providing website internet services to a wide variety of businesses, we re-designed the business and moved into online retail of light industrial products.

For nearly 15 years, the founder of the business had used PVC tube for a wide variety of hobby and project applications. We experienced continual problems  with sourcing custom lengths and sizes to suit our needs.  We often didn’t want to have to purchase a 30 Metre roll when 3 Metres would have been sufficient.  There was also a shortage of available sizes that we often needed, let alone the poor quality that larger retailers found acceptable.

To develop the new area of the business, we built a good working relationship with several UK based PVC Tube manufacturers.  By providing excellent customer service to our customers and working very closely with our suppliers, we quickly expanded our business and product range into rubber, foam, plastic fittings and related products.  

We realise that other than aiming for excellent customer service, value for money and quality products, possibly the most important remaining factor was quick dispatch and delivery.  For this reason all orders placed by 1pm (Monday to Friday) are dispatched at 3pm the same day.  Our customers continually report a very quick delivery.

Since the pandemic started we have continued to operate in a challenging environment. We have however remained open throughout the period and have maintained a full level of stock in all products.

We are always here help, so feel free to ring us up with any inquiries you may have.