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Barbed Connectors (Plastic)

All Prices Include FREE Delivery on orders over £4.95 and VAT. For orders under £4.95 please add 2nd class postage in Delivery Info Page.

These translucent, plastic, barbed connectors are made from tough polypropylene (except 3mm and 4mm Y fittings – GPPS).  They are suitable for a wide range of applications where liquids and gases are used. (Some connectors differ in colour to the images - Please see below table or contact us for more details)

Example uses include Garden Water Pumps, Aquariums, Fish Ponds/Tanks, Engineering, Windscreen Washer Fittings, Air, Home Brewing & many other DIY uses.  (It is the customers responsibility to ensure suitability and safety of use).

Choosing your fitting:

1 - Simply select your fitting type.

2 - Select the size of barbed fitting you require.  The sizes within the page are the Internal Diameter (I.D.) of our PVC tube that the fitting is designed to be pushed into.  (For example – If you have a 12mm internal diameter tube, you will need to order a 12mm fitting).

3 - Select the pack size you require.  (For example, if you need 5 fittings, select pack size 5 and then quantity 1 or if you need 8 fittings, select pack size 4 and then quantity 2).

* Please note that the 4mm Y connector is a taper fit (no barb) and is made from GPPS.

* Good UV Resistance

* The images are an accurate representation of the 10mm fittings, but other sizes may vary in design slightly. (All images  © PVC Tube Online Ltd).  Please see the table below for full fitting dimensions, colours and materials: