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Here is a summary of the products that we supply. Each product has a unique page with a variety of sizes, lengths, materials and uses.

Clear PVC Tube and Hose available in many sizes and lengths

All Sizes & Types PVC Tube

order pvc tube hose
Plastic Barbed Connectors displayed

Plastic Inline Connectors

order barbed connectors
plastic reducing connectors straight displayed

Plastic Inline Reducers

order barbed reducers
one way valves various sizes

Plastic Inline Valves

order one way non return valves
Inline Plastic Taps Valves in red white and black

Plastic Inline Taps

order inline hose taps
oil tank sight tube clear 9.5mm ID

Oil Tank Tube / Hose

order oil tank gauge tube
micro-irrigation tube 4mm

Micro Irrigation Tube Black

order micro irrigation tube
foam tape - multiple sizes available

Foam Tape (PE)

order foam tape
foam sheet PE multiple sizes and thicknesses available

Foam Sheet (PE)

foam sheet PE
sponge rubber cord made from closed cell neoprene in various sizes

Neoprene Rubber Cord

order sponge rubber cord
neoprene rubber sheet in various sizes and thicknesses

Neoprene Rubber Sheet

order neoprene rubber sheet
tygon fuel tube for petrol 4040A in different sizes

Tygon Petrol Tube 4040-A

order tygon petrol fuel tube.
plastic ratchet clamps available in different clamp sizes

Plastic Ratchet Hose Clamps

order plastic clamps
metal clamps both zinc and stainless steel

Metal Hose Clamps

order metal clamps
plastic p clips for clamping tube to a surface

Plastic 'P' Clips

order plastic p clips
white insulation foam tape for windows and many other uses

White Foam Insulation Tape

order white insulation foam tape
foodsafe pvc tube available in many lengths and sizes

Foodsafe PVC Tube / Hose

order foodsafe pvc tube
screen washer tube for cars and vehicles in various sizes

Windscreen Washer Tube

order screen washer tube
aquarium air tube for fish keeping home aquariums

Aquarium Pond Tube Hose

order aquarium air tube
syphon tube for beer and wine making in different sizes

Syphon Tube / Hose

order syphon tube
plastic straight connectors in many diffenent sizes

Plastic Straight Connector

order plastic straight connectors
plastic T connectors in various sizes

Plastic 'T' Connector

order plastic T connectors
plastic Y connectors in many different sizes

Plastic 'Y' Connector

order plastic Y connectors
plastic elbow connectors in various sizes

Plastic Elbow Connector

order plastic elbow connectors
plastic cross connectors

Plastic Cross Connector

order plastic cross connectors
plastic straight reducers for joining tubes and hoses of different sizes

Plastic Straight Reducers

order plastic straight reducers
plastic T reducers for joining differnent hoses and tubes

Plastic 'T' Reducers

order plastic T reducers
stainlees steel screw clamps

Stainless Steel Clamps

order stainlees steel screw clamps
zinc screw clamps

Zinc Steel Screw Clamps

order zinc screw clamps
foam sheet sticky backed available in different sizes and thicknesses

Foam Sheet S/S Adhesive

order foam sheet sticky backed
foam sheet plain available in different sizes and thicknesses

Foam Sheet Plain

order foam sheet plain
Waterbutt Gauge for viewing the water level on the outside of a waterbutt

Waterbutt Gauge

order a waterbutt gauge